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Sensorstream is pleased to announce the successful allowance of its smart watch design featuring a circular display from the USPTO. Commercially dubbed “Pi,” this buttonless smart watch case combines an ergonomic design with interior threading to support an upgradable modular electronics package. Pricing for the Pi Smart Watch case starts at $50 per unit in black anodized aluminum. Licensing terms are also available.

Plug-and -play functionality, touchscreen control, and voice command integration are all now a possibility. Sensorstream's Pi offers 3rd-party manufacturers and developers the ability to build novel solutions that can piggy-back on robust wearable ecosystems or create new ones. One of the major stumbling blocks in wearable tech innovation has been the lack of functionality, and to a greater extent, inclusion with wearable ecosystems. No more. Wearable tech all starts with the the right case.


“Securing the design patent for a smart watch featuring a circular display from the USPTO gives us the opportunity to empower the world in a meaningful way. Our goal is nothing short of putting a computer on every wrist," commented Sensorstream's founder Tom Rapko. 

How can a hunk of metal really empower the world? As the ideal wearable, a smart watch offers truly disruptive advances in healthcare, entertainment, and commerce. It is particularly in commerce, however, that we think Pi will have the greatest impact. For the vast majority of Earth's population a wearable computer will be the most valuable and empowering position they own.

 Furthermore, we believe that Pi will also lead to solutions in both software and hardware, spur mobile payment development, and even alter the way electricity is distributed via wireless charging. At the heart of this technological push, is the smart watch case.

In stark contrast to traditional watch cases, Sensorstream eliminated all external buttons to markedly increase protection from the elements. We threaded the case’s interior to help ensure future upgrades with modular electronics and also designed the contours of the smart watch case to hug the wrist for enhanced stability. Finally, we validated the design by fabricating the case in a variety of alloys, including some of the most durable and valuable metals on earth.

The impetus for this robust design was born out of necessity; the challenge was to simultaneously address the complexity of a global market with widely disparate wealth, yet similar user goals. The company answered this challenge by developing a consumer product that appeals across the entire  socioeconomic spectrum. The result is the fusion of durability and utility, a sleek, tough smart watch case ready to empower the world.

“I believe the smart watch adoption rate will rival all previous consumer electronics,” Tom predicted. “The end goal is combining the look and feel of a Swiss luxury watch with the core functionality of a smart phone.”

Sensorstream and Pi are registered trademarks. Sensorstream is a privately held start-up company based in California focused on disruptive wearable technology.

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